expand your horizons. fly electric.

  • Compete in the challenging FAI 20m two-seater class
  • Travel to distant soaring sites and enjoy scenic flying
  • Take off independently, climb and fly with e-power

trust in our proven experience. be innovative.

  • e-power <–> gliding transition within seconds via single-lever operation
  • Pleasure of vibration-free and quiet flying whether in powered or gliding mode
  • Operate fully independently from hangar into the air

enjoy unmatched cockpit comfort. fly safely.

  • Side-by-side configuration with unimpeded panoramic view
  • Ergonomics designed and tested for pilots up to 2 m (6‘6“) tall
  • Easy boarding from both sides
  • Cockpit sill height only 96 cm
  • Innovative cockpit structure for maximum safety

two challenges in one plane

competition flying

With a glide ratio in the 50:1 class, the elfin keeps you up with the doubleseater competition field – whether in live glider competitions or in the popular online competitions.

travel and soar

Mount the RangeExtender into the fuselage and start your long-distance travel to whereever the best soaring conditions are waiting. Turn the engine off – and enjoy!

innovative solutions

folding propeller

The »Hybrid prop« is the latest REINER STEMME retractable propeller system. It is actuated automatically. Together with the electric engine and a new fuselage geometry a new design with almost circular prop opening becomes possible. This is favorable to noise and drag reduction.

electric motor

EMRAX-engine 268 with strong 65kW take-off power, liquid cooled and mounted in aircraft nose. The power packs will be state-of-the-art 2021 design. Battery fire protection fully complies with stringent EASA/FAA demands.                              

single-lever control

Single-lever control for propeller deployment / retraction and engine startup within seconds. It provides steplessly adjustable power for dynamic saw-tooth flight. Keep your focus on the important things – enjoy pure flying.

cabin comfort

Great panoramic view; seats adjustable in position and backrest angle for pilots 1.6 m to 2 m tall (5.3 to 6.6 ft); heating from engine cooling air and/or electric heating blanket; low sill height of 96 cm (38 in) for easy entry and exit. 

recovery system

The aircraft will be equipped with a "BRS Whole Aircraft Rescue Parachute System" to enhance survivability in emergencies, also close to the ground. In addition, the seats are designed for use of individual pilot safety parachutes.

range extender

With an additional engine mounted in the fuselage, the elfin becomes a long-range touring motor glider for more than 6 hours powered flight and 1,000 km (540 NM) range. Batteries are automatically recharged during cruising flight. 

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