About Us


REINERSTEMME.aero GmbH (RS.aero) seizes the opportunities offered by the new generation of electric engines for light aircraft: CO2-free, quiet and cost-effective. They fulfil our urgent goals in environmental and climate protection.

RS.aero relies on a team and a partner network, who have successfully led for many years research and innovation to sophisticated aircraft products.

Our first aircraft, the RS elfin.20e, is a remarkable combination of a two-seater electro-hybrid powered aircraft for flight touring (like a sports car), however with top competitiveness in gliding. This combination opens up a worldwide market beyond classical borders.

The electric flight duration will be between one and three hours, using the latest battery technology. It will be launched on the market with its maiden flight in the second quarter of 2021.

The second aircraft will be the RS 100 WHISPER. It is based on the RS elfin.20e technology, and is a reconnaissance aircraft for regional environmental, commercial and governmental missions. It will be be launched in 2022 using profound advances in battery development, combined with high-quality aerodynamics. The electric flight in 2025 will be up to 5 hours – CO2-free, quiet and with a mimium of the operating costs in comparison to conventional systems. We shall publish the RS 100 WHISPER in 2021.


Representative USA: Alexander Papenberg

phone: +1(310) 614 - 0796
1140 Wall Street #477
La Jolla, CA 92038

Representative New Zealand: Paul Buchanan

FAST co Ltd 
phone: +64 0210730021
48 Silverstream Rd
Wellington 6035
New Zealand


RS.aero is located on Schönhagen airfield (EDAZ), 30 min by car southwest of BER Berlin Brandenburg International Airport or 45 min south from the center of Berlin or the Berlin TXL Airport. It is close to the growing Berlin-Brandenburg aviation research and industry sector adjacent to the future BER International Berlin Brandenburg Airport.

The airfield facility is in Hall C2 of the Technology Park, with about 1,000 m2 work and office space including full infrastructure. 

The airfield is owned and operated by a public-owned limited company. With more than 50,000 flight movements per year Schönhagen airfield is one of the most important GA airfields in Germany, also due to its proximity to Germany’s Capital, Berlin, the BER Airport, and to well-known aviation industries located in the vicinity (MTU, Rolls-Royce,…). The aviation technology park Schönhagen is a significant economic center in the Capital region. By strong cooperation with innovative Universities of Technology in Berlin and Brandenburg, Schönhagen is evolving into a hub of aviation research.