a big step forward: a new propeller design

We are proud to announce, that we made a big step forward with our propeller design. After considering all different aspects we found the optimum in increasing the number of blades to three!

This enables us to increase the handling qualities while obtaining the efficiency and the low noise and vibration levels. The clearance is dramatically increased resulting in a highly reduced risk of propstrike or of damaging the prop due to small debris. Anyway, the leading edge has an additional metal protection.

The three blades will ensure the exploitation of a maximum potential of the electric propulsion system.

In parallel Siemens confirmed that they will provide the SP70D motor. This marvelous piece of engineering boosts the elfin takeoff power to 80 kW and the continuous power to 70 kW.

Find additional info in the Annex 1.3 Specification RS.3-Blade RETRAC Propeller. Online available here: