participation at AERO Friedrichshafen 2018

The elfin concept points without any doubt to where soaring flight will turn to in the future – and how enjoyable flying-for-two will look like. That exactly was the impression many visitors took away from our presentations at the SIEMENS booth, our partner for the 70kW e-drive system. There was a rush in the e-flight hall at Aero 2018 to get a good look at the elfin, keeping the team busy all the time. They were supported by Zedia-Aviation, the European distributor of the elfin. Enthusiastic pilots and fans of e-mobility not only had a chance to learn about the state of development of the elfin, but also saw the entire Siemens drive system ‚in the flesh‘.

Pilots of all types of aircraft were intrigued by the elfin’s wide range of applications, starting at the 20m competition two-seater configuration with 70 kW take-off power, all the way to the touring cruiser version with a range of more than 540 nm, enabled by the ‚clip-on‘ RangeExtender. All this comes with a panoramic-view cabin giving space to pilots up to 2 m tall, and a low sill for easy entry.

We also noted vivid interest expressed for the elfin’s low operating and maintenance costs and the level of operational safety. The elfin is a perfect fit for group-ownership. It is easy and safe because it has much less critical components than previous generations of motor gliders. Last but not least, the visitors enthusiastically endorsed the prospects of a drastic reduction in workload: no more than a single lever is needed to switch fully automatically between powered and soaring flight modes in just three seconds.

All in all, the show was a tremendous inspiration and encouragement for us to forge ahead- next year the elfin will be seen flying as well as displayed on the ground at airshows.